Colorific Pebble Games

I’m pleased to announce that my three Pebble games—MazeCrawler, SpaceMerc, and PebbleQuest—are now available in color for owners of the new Pebble watch model: Pebble Time!

PebbleQuest, color version, on a white Pebble Time device.
PebbleQuest, color version, on a white Pebble Time device.

The only downside is that the simplicity of the graphics is now more apparent than ever. Ideally, I’d like to overhaul the visuals completely—especially considering the increased memory capacity and support for transparency provided by Pebble Time devices—but I must confess that would require more time and effort than I’m willing to invest at this point. These apps were fun to build and are fun to play (if I may say so myself), but my heart has moved on to other projects, particularly those associated with my new indie game development company: Golden Drake Studios.

So, what about owners of the original black-and-white Pebbles? Do I have anything new to offer them? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. The following general improvements have been implemented in both the color versions and black-and-white versions of my games:

  • All game data, not just player data, are now saved between sessions in MazeCrawler and SpaceMerc (just as always has been the case in PebbleQuest).
  • In SpaceMerc, the player’s starting stats have been adjusted, the “Damage Vibes” setting is now “On” by default, and a bug wherein moving backwards away from an exit would cause the player to exit the current mission has been fixed.
  • In PebbleQuest, the effects of primary attributes have been adjusted, the base fatigue rate has been lowered, weapons and armor are now more beneficial, and a robe, shield, or suit of armor infused with a Pebble of Shadow now provides a slight bonus to physical defense in addition to spell absorption (which itself now involves a chance of absorbing enemy spells not only as energy, but also as health).

As always, I welcome your feedback along with your perusal and use (with attribution) of each of my games’ source code via GitHub:

That’s all for now. In closing, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who’s downloaded, played, critiqued, praised, feigned interest in, or otherwise interacted with these, my humble experiments in smartwatch game development. Cheers!