Welcome to my portfolio! Feel free to download any files provided here, but please respect all applicable rights and licenses and bear in mind that many of these are still works in progress. Please also feel free to check out my profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, etc., support my work through Patreon, and send any feedback, ideas for collaboration, or job offers you may have to: david[at]davidcdrake[dot]com

  • Adventures Unending, an open world action-RPG with a unique approach to procedurally-generated content, in early development using Godot and GDScript.
  • Carnage, a game of vehicles crashing into vehicles, developed using Unity and C#.
    Carnage screenshot
  • Tanks, a deathmatch game developed using Unity and C#.
    Tanks screenshot
  • Battle Ball Z, a “king of the hill” game with interesting power-ups, developed using Unity and C#.
    Battle Ball Z screenshot
  • PebbleQuest, a first-person action-RPG written in C for the Pebble smartwatch.
    PebbleQuest, color version, on a white Pebble Time device
  • SpaceMerc, a first-person shooter written in C for the Pebble smartwatch.
    SpaceMerc, color version, on a white Pebble Time device
  • Warchief, a turn-based strategy-RPG based on the tabletop battle game Fantasy Warriors by Nick Lund of Grenadier Models, in early development using C++ and OpenGL.
  • HeroQuest 3D, a simple action-adventure game based on the board game HeroQuest from Milton Bradley and the Games Workshop, in early development using C++ and OpenGL.
  • Words of Power, a spell-focused, text-based, fantasy RPG written in C.
  • Minesweeper, developed using PyGObject (originally PyGTK).
  • Asteroids, developed using PyGame.
  • Toad’s Adventure, a simple 2D platformer developed using PyGame and Tiled.
  • Golden Drake Linux, a custom Arch Linux installer for gamers and game developers, written in Bash.

Technical Writing
  • Link goes Full Throttle,” a musical motorcycle montage featuring footage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the song “Legacy” by The Gone Jackals, famously featured in the classic point-and-click adventure game Full Throttle.

Narrations / Voice Work
  • Dagon,” a short story of nautical horror by H.P. Lovecraft.