MazeCrawler: Enter the Labyrinth

I’m pleased to announce that MazeCrawler—a 3D, first-person, maze-navigation game for the Pebble smartwatch (SDK 2.0)—is now complete and available as a free download. Check out the official MazeCrawler page or for additional information and to download the game. Happy maze-crawling!

Ready to enter the labyrinth?

4 Replies to “MazeCrawler: Enter the Labyrinth”

    1. Thank you! Positive feedback is always greatly appreciated. 🙂 Hopefully my next project will be even more “awesome”!

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it. There are 12 achievements, all of which I had been keeping secret because some are a bit silly or would require a ridiculous amount of time to achieve, but I suppose I’ll go ahead and reveal them here now that you’ve asked:

      1. Speedy: Complete a maze in under 30 seconds.
      2. Super Speedy: Complete a maze in under 10 seconds.
      3. Fell Asleep: Remain in a single maze for a full hour.
      4. Novice: Complete your first maze.
      5. Apprentice: Reach level 10.
      6. Journeyman: Reach level 50.
      7. Master: Reach level 100.
      8. Dedicated: Reach level 500.
      9. Devoted: Reach level 1000.
      10. Obsessed: Reach level 5000.
      11. Fanatical: Complete level 9999.
      12. Addicted: Reach the maximum possible number of points, which is 999,999,999.

      There you go! Needless to say, I’ll be extremely surprised if anyone ever collects the full dozen (or anything much higher than half a dozen, really), but I threw them all in just the same. Happy maze-crawling!