A Fim Soldier from the SpaceMerc Pebble game as seen on a red Pebble watch.


Humankind is at war with a hostile alien race known as the Fim. As an elite interstellar mercenary, your skills are in high demand. Fame and fortune await as you risk life and limb for humanity’s future!


Welcome to SpaceMerc for Pebble: the first FPS game ever developed for a smartwatch! Built on the foundation provided by MazeCrawler, this unique 3D action game is available for free through MyPebbleFaces and the official Pebble App Store.


You are well-trained, highly experienced, and have acquired a high-tech armored space suit and a laser rifle powerful enough to blast through solid rock. As such, until the war is ended, there will be a constant demand for your services. A never-ending series of procedurally-generated missions will be presented to you, each falling into one of the following categories:

  • Retaliate: Whenever the Fim invade a human city, colony, or other structure in your sector, we’ll send you to take them out. Eliminate all hostiles to receive your reward.
  • Obliterate: As often as possible, we’ll send you deep into Fim territory. Annihilate every enemy at your target location and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.
  • Expropriate: Our intel on the Fim is extremely limited. As such, we’ll often task you with retrieving a data storage device. Simply locate the device (a large white rectangle), walk onto it to pick it up, then leave the same way you came in.
Screenshot of a Data Storage Device from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Data Storage Device

  • Extricate: The Fim have no regard for human life, but occasionally they’ll keep one human alive as a trophy or specimen. When that happens, we’ll rely on you to locate and rescue that poor soul. You should recognize the human immediately as he or she will be much skinnier than the Fim and will probably be the only unarmed humanoid in the area. Locate and pick up the weakened prisoner, then make your escape as quickly and safely as possible.
Screenshot of a Human Officer from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Human Officer

  • Assassinate: Top-ranking Fim officers are our highest-priority targets, but they rarely show their faces. Whenever we pinpoint a location where one of them is known to reside, we’ll count on you to infiltrate that location and hunt this prized quarry down. They are easily recognized by the grey shirts they wear (as opposed to the black shirts worn by lower-ranking Fim), but don’t make the mistake of underestimating them. Approach with caution and, if at all possible, shoot from a safe distance!
Screenshot of a Fim Officer from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Fim Officer

At each mission location, you’ll face anywhere from 5 to 30 enemies. The more enemies there are, the more you’ll be paid for successfully completing your mission. When you’re ready to end any mission, simply exit the way you entered: walk through the door that was behind you at the beginning of the mission.

Screenshot of an entrance/exit door from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.


You can also skip a mission by completely exiting the game, then restarting SpaceMerc. Mission data are not saved between gameplay sessions, but money and character stats are. Speaking of which…


Between missions, what does a mercenary like you do with all that hard-earned cash? Invest in some upgraded stats, of course!

  • Armor: Better armor means you take less damage. Simple, right?
  • Max. Health: Cybernetic surgery, genetic manipulation, chemical supplements…there are many ways to boost your overall vitality, making you harder to take down in the field. Current health is indicated by a bar in the lower-left portion of the screen, by the way.
  • Laser Power: Make a few “special modifications” to your trusty laser gun and you’ll soon be blasting through walls and enemies faster than ever before!
  • Max. Energy: Your laser gun’s energy supply (“ammo”) diminishes with each shot you fire, and although it will slowly recharge over time, you can’t rely on that to save you when a squad of Fim elites are closing in. Increase your maximum energy supply to ensure you’ll outlast all your opponents! Current energy supply is indicated by a bar in the lower-right portion of the screen.

As each stat increases, so does the cost of upgrading that stat yet again. Also, bear in mind that the Fim are constantly working just as hard as we are to improve their technology, training programs, etc., so don’t expect to reach a point where every battle is a breeze. Finally, please note that character data may be lost if you unload (i.e., uninstall) SpaceMerc from your Pebble.


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.”
—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Fim Soldier: Although these low-level recruits are no match for you one-on-one, they may pose a threat by catching you in a weakened state or overwhelming you with large numbers. Don’t underestimate them!

Screenshot of a Fim Soldier from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Fim Soldier

Fim Elite: Specially trained and armed to the teeth, Elites are far more deadly than typical Fim Soldiers. Kill them quickly—preferably from a distance—or they will certainly kill you!

Screenshot of a Fim Elite from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Fim Elite

Fim Officer: Highly experienced and well armed and armored, the grey-shirted Fim officers are far from mere pencil pushers. They have proven notoriously difficult to assassinate and have even personally killed several of our most seasoned soldiers and mercenaries. Neutralize them when the opportunity arises, but treat with extreme caution.

Screenshot of a Fim Officer from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Fim Officer

Robot: Thick armor plating makes these machines of war difficult, but not impossible, to destroy. As for their offensive capabilities, they are about on par with a typical Fim Soldier.

Screenshot of a Robot from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.


Beast: These dog-like animals are trained to attack humans on sight, and they take their training to heart! Dispatch them quickly or they may overwhelm you.

Screenshot of a Beast from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.


Mysterious Ooze: The underlying biology of these strange creatures continues to baffle human scientists. Composed primarily of a more-or-less heterogeneous “ooze,” these life forms nonetheless exhibit a fairly well-defined (and very large) head region dominated by two large eyes. Lacking mouths, they consume their prey by secreting corrosive compounds and digestive enzymes directly on them and then absorbing what remains directly through their skin. Needless to say, you don’t want one of these dissolving through your armor!

Screenshot of a Mysterious Ooze from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Mysterious Ooze

Floating Monstrosity: Apparently composed entirely of plasma, it is unknown whether the Fim discovered or created these bizarre entities. What is known is that they are highly powerful and difficult to destroy. Nonetheless, they will eventually dissipate under continuous firepower. Just pray they do not sneak up behind you!

Screenshot of a Floating Monstrosity from the SpaceMerc Pebble game.

Floating Monstrosity


The Pebble's four buttons: "Back" on the left side and "Up," "Select," and "Down" on the right side.

The Pebble’s four buttons: “Back” on the left side and “Up,” “Select,” and “Down” on the right side.

  • “Up” button: Press once to step forward, twice to turn left.
  • “Select” button: Fire your laser gun to demolish walls and kill enemies!
  • “Down” button: Press once to step back, twice to turn right.
  • “Back” button: Press to return to the main menu, effectively pausing the game. Press again from the main menu to exit the game.


If you’d like to report an issue or have any other feedback, advice, or questions you’d like to share, please leave a comment below, post a comment on SpaceMerc‘s Google+ or Facebook page, or send me an email: david [at] davidcdrake [dot] com. Please also feel free to support my ongoing work by sending a contribution to my email address via PayPal. Finally, remember to check out my other Pebble game projects: MazeCrawler and PebbleQuest!

Interested in creating your own Pebble apps? Check out the official Develop for Pebble website and feel free to peruse SpaceMerc‘s source code on GitHub.

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  2. Ryder

    Umm, I’m not sure if this is a problem but in this article you said that character data would be lost only is you unloaded the game. Well every time I quit I need to restart all my progress. I’m not sure if this is meant to be or if it is a glitch but if you could please help me that would be great. (I’m sorry if this is not the right place to post stuff like this so if it isn’t, sorry.)

  3. Ryder

    Actually, all my apps are no longer showing save data. If you could help me that would be great.

    1. David Post author

      Hi Ryder! I remember seeing issues like that now and then during the beta phase of Pebble’s latest SDK/firmware (2.0), but haven’t seen it since. I’m not sure exactly what may have gone wrong on your Pebble, so all I can suggest is unloading all apps, performing a “Factory Reset” (under “Settings”), and then seeing how things go after reinstalling the firmware update along with your favorite apps. I hope that will be enough to resolve the problem; if not, I recommend going to the official Pebble Forums. Regardless, I appreciate you contacting me here and look forward to hearing anything else you have to share about your experiences playing my games!

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