PebbleQuest is a 3D, first-person, action-RPG for your Pebble, the first of its kind ever developed for a smartwatch! You play the role of an adventurer seeking the fabled Pebbles of Power, remnants of the sundered Elderstone scattered long ago throughout a vast network of caves, tunnels, and dungeons.

A screenshot from PebbleQuest as seen on a red Pebble smartwatch.

Built on the foundation provided by MazeCrawler, this full-fledged dungeon crawler will soon be available on a wrist near you. Stay up-to-date by following PebbleQuest on Google+ and Facebook!

Character Stats

The player character has three major stats that help determine his or her minor stats:

  • Strength: Determines maximum health and contributes significantly to physical power. Also contributes slightly to physical defense.
  • Agility: Contributes significantly to maximum energy, physical defense, and magical defense. Also contributes slightly to physical power and magical power.
  • Intellect: Contributes significantly to maximum energy and magical power. Also contributes slightly to magical defense.

Each time you level up, your health and energy will be replenished and you may choose one major stat to be increased, thus improving 3-4 minor stats.

While adventuring, your health is displayed in the lower-left corner and your energy in the lower-right. Energy is consumed each time you attack with a spell or weapon and health is, of course, consumed when you take damage.

Be warned: death is permanent in PebbleQuest! When the health meter reaches zero, you’ll have to bid your old character a fond farewell, then start dungeon-crawling with a new one. On a more positive note, both health and energy gradually replenish over time, so a wise and cautious explorer may enjoy a long career of monster-slaying and loot-gathering, even in the perilous underworld of PebbleQuest!

Weapons & Armor

Your character starts out wearing a robe and wielding a simple dagger, but other options soon become available. Although the player may carry an unlimited number of Pebbles, only four of these heavier items may be carried at one time.

Here’s the lowdown on weapons:

Weapon Physical Power Bonus Special Effect
Dagger +1 Wound
Sword +2 Wound
Axe +3 Wound
Staff +1 Stun
Mace +2 Stun
Flail +3 Stun
Bow +0 Ranged

As you can see, sharp weapons provide a chance of inflicting wounds (damaging enemies over time) whereas blunt weapons provide a chance of stunning enemies (temporarily preventing them from moving or attacking). The bow provides the only means of ranged physical attacks. Mages have an advantage in that all spells are ranged, but these require equipping a Pebble of Power rather than wielding a typical weapon. More on this later.

Here are the details for clothing and armor:

Clothing/Armor Physical Defense Bonus Magical Power Penalty
Robe +0 -0
Light Armor +1 -1
Heavy Armor +2 -2
Shield +1 -1

Clearly, spellcasters may wish to stick to the robe rather than donning armor, but a robe doesn’t have to be useless. Like all other items, a robe may be infused with a Pebble of Power!

Pebbles of Power

Each Pebble of Power holds a tiny fraction of the incredible potency once exhibited by the Elderstone. There are seven different types: fire, ice, lightning, life, death, light, and darkness.

Pebbles may be equipped, allowing you to cast spells, or permanently infused into your clothing, armor, shields, and weapons, imbuing them with magical properties. The effects of each Pebble of Power are as follows:

Pebble Spell/Weapon Effect Robe/Armor/Shield Effect
Pebble of Fire Fire Damage
(decreases intellect)
Strength Bonus
Pebble of Ice Ice Damage
(decreases agility)
Intellect Bonus
Pebble of Lightning Shock Damage
(decreases strength)
Agility Bonus
Pebble of Life Absorb Health
(their loss is your gain)
Faster Health Regeneration
Pebble of Death Wound
(damage over time)
Backlash Damage
(when physically attacked)
Pebble of Light Stun
(chance to paralyze enemies)
Faster Energy Regeneration
Pebble of Darkness Intimidate
(chance to make enemies flee)
Spell Absorption
(chance to absorb spells as energy)


The Pebble's four buttons: "Back" on the left side and "Up," "Select," and "Down" on the right side.

The Pebble’s four buttons: “Back” on the left side and “Up,” “Select,” and “Down” on the right side.

  • “Up” button: Press/hold to step forward. Press twice to turn left.
  • “Select” button: Press to use your current weapon or spell.
  • “Down” button: Press/hold to step back. Press twice to turn right.

Interested in creating your own Pebble apps? Check out the official Develop for Pebble website.

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    1. theDrake Post author

      Thanks for the offer! I’ve still got a few things to iron out before I’ll be ready for beta-testing, however. I’ll keep you posted! :)

  2. Jericho

    When you do get to the point of needing beta testers, I’m available as well. Also, I’m really excited about this project! I can’t wait to see it come to life.

    1. theDrake Post author

      Glad to hear it, Jericho! I’ve been making a lot of progress lately, so it should be coming along very soon, along with SpaceMerc. Stay tuned!

  3. Sean Watt

    I’m really excited for this game, what’s the latest news on it?

    1. theDrake Post author

      Glad you’re looking forward to it! The slightly simpler sci-fi game SpaceMerc will be released this weekend (and submitted to the Pebble App Challenge), but I want to spend more time fitting as many features as I can into PebbleQuest before its debut. I estimate it will be available within the next few months.

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