You are an adventurer seeking the fabled Pebbles of Power, scattered remnants of the Elderstone sundered long ago by an evil wizard. A land of countless procedurally-generated dungeons, caves, and fortresses stretches out before you, allowing you to continue exploring new places, vanquishing new foes, collecting new items, and leveling up long after the main quest has been completed!

A screenshot from PebbleQuest as seen on a red Pebble smartwatch.

Welcome to the world of PebbleQuest: the first 3D first-person roleplaying game ever developed for a smartwatch! Built on the foundation provided by MazeCrawler and SpaceMerc, this full-fledged dungeon crawler will soon be available on a wrist near you. Stay up-to-date by following PebbleQuest on Google+ and Facebook!


The following quests await you:

  • Escort: Provide safe passage through dangerous territory.
  • Rescue: Liberate people taken captive by orcs, bandit gangs, rogue wizards, and the like.
  • Assassinate: Eliminate the leader of a group of goblins, thieves, necromancers, or what have you.
  • Exterminate: Kill every nasty individual or creature in the quest location.
  • Locate Artifacts: Find priceless artifacts and bring them back for study.
  • Recover Stolen Goods: Snatch ill-gotten gold or other items from the hands of the usual unsavory types.
  • Locate Pebbles of Power: The location of a Pebble has been sensed and you have been sent to find it. The King and his Archmage personally selected you as one of the few adventurers to be entrusted with such a task!

Pebbles of Power

You may be wondering, what’s so special about these Pebbles? Each of them holds significant power, though only a minuscule fraction of the incredible potency exhibited by the Elderstone they once composed. Their power also comes in different types: fire, ice, lightning, life, death, light, and darkness.

One or two Pebbles may be held in your hand, allowing you to cast spells. Additionally, Pebbles may be permanently infused into your clothing, armor, shields, and weapons, imbuing them with magical power.

The effects of each Pebble are as follows (combining two of the same Pebble doubles the effect, combining two different Pebbles combines their effects):

Pebble Spell/Weapon Effect Robe/Armor/Shield Effect
Pebble of Fire Fire Damage Strength Bonus
Pebble of Ice Ice Damage Intellect Bonus
Pebble of Lightning Shock Damage Agility Bonus
Pebble of Life Absorb Health HP Regeneration
Pebble of Death Poison Backlash Damage
Pebble of Light Holy Light MP Regeneration
Pebble of Darkness Paralyze Spell Absorption


  • “Up” button: Press/hold to step forward. Press twice to turn left.
  • “Select” button: Press to use your current weapon or spell.
  • “Down” button: Press/hold to step back. Press twice to turn right.

Interested in creating your own Pebble apps? Check out the official Develop for Pebble website.

8 thoughts on “PebbleQuest

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    1. theDrake Post author

      Thanks for the offer! I’ve still got a few things to iron out before I’ll be ready for beta-testing, however. I’ll keep you posted! :)

  2. Jericho

    When you do get to the point of needing beta testers, I’m available as well. Also, I’m really excited about this project! I can’t wait to see it come to life.

    1. theDrake Post author

      Glad to hear it, Jericho! I’ve been making a lot of progress lately, so it should be coming along very soon, along with SpaceMerc. Stay tuned!

  3. Sean Watt

    I’m really excited for this game, what’s the latest news on it?

    1. theDrake Post author

      Glad you’re looking forward to it! The slightly simpler sci-fi game SpaceMerc will be released this weekend (and submitted to the Pebble App Challenge), but I want to spend more time fitting as many features as I can into PebbleQuest before its debut. I estimate it will be available within the next few months.

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