A screenshot from MazeCrawler as seen on a red Pebble smartwatch.


You have fallen into a vast network of mazes. Each maze has an exit, but each exit leads down to yet another, deeper level of the labyrinth. Will you ever escape, or are you doomed to roam these halls to the end of your days? You know not, yet here you are, brave explorer, and you must try!


Welcome to MazeCrawler: a 3D, first-person, maze-navigation game for the Pebble smartwatch and the precursor to the full-fledged dungeon crawler PebbleQuest and the first-person shooter SpaceMerc. MazeCrawler is available for free through MyPebbleFaces and the official Pebble App Store.

A hole in the ceiling indicating a maze entrance.

See that hole in the ceiling? That’s how you wound up in the labyrinthine tunnels of MazeCrawler. Now you must find a way out…


Mazes are procedurally-generated with an entrance marked by a hole in the ceiling and an exit by a hole in the ground. Your goal is to find each exit as quickly as possible, thus accumulating more points. There are also twelve achievements awaiting your discovery!


The Pebble's four buttons: "Back" on the left side and "Up," "Select," and "Down" on the right side.

The Pebble’s four buttons: “Back” on the left side and “Up,” “Select,” and “Down” on the right side.

  • “Up” button: Press/hold to step forward. Press twice to turn left.
  • “Down” button: Press/hold to step back. Press twice to turn right.
  • “Select” button: Opens the in-game menu and makes selections within menus.
  • “Back” button: Closes the in-game menu, returns the player from gameplay to the main menu, and, while in the main menu, exits the game.
A hole in the ground indicating a maze exit.

Your goal lies before you! That hole in the ground is an exit…of sorts. Unfortunately, it only seems to lead down to yet another maze…

If you have any feedback, advice, or questions you’d like to share, please leave a comment below or on MazeCrawler‘s Google+ and Facebook pages or send me an email: david [at] davidcdrake [dot] com. Also, remember to check out my other Pebble game projects: PebbleQuest and SpaceMerc!


Looking down a long hallway in an early build of the MazeCrawler Pebble game.

Interested in creating your own Pebble apps? Check out the official Develop for Pebble website and feel free to peruse MazeCrawler‘s source code on GitHub.