Colorific Pebble Games

I’m pleased to announce that my three Pebble games—MazeCrawler, SpaceMerc, and PebbleQuest—are now available in color for owners of the new Pebble watch model: Pebble Time! The only downside is that the simplicity of the graphics is now more apparent than ever. Ideally, I’d like to overhaul the visuals completely—especially considering the increased memory capacity and support for transparency provided by Pebble Time devices—but I… Read More »

PebbleQuest: 25kB of Awesome

PebbleQuest, a 3D fantasy roleplaying game developed for the original black-and-white Pebble watch, was released on December 25, 2014, weighing in at 25,020 bytes: 25kB or 24.4KiB. The concept for the game germinated in 2013 as I first started reading about the Pebble and other smartwatches. I was studying mobile game development at the time and the thought of creating an… Read More »

SpaceMerc: FPS Gaming on a Smartwatch

SpaceMerc has been available on the Pebble App Store for almost three months now and downloaded—along with its predecessor, MazeCrawler—by well over 2,000 of my fellow Pebblers. It is also, according to my research, the first FPS game ever developed for a smartwatch! Although this is a modest achievement at best, I can’t deny it makes me happy to think I may have made a… Read More »

Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers

Now that it’s actually 2014, I’ve decided it’s time to write up a review of Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers: the fourth installment in the Duels of the Planeswalkers (DotP) video game series. Developed by Stainless Games and published by Wizards of the Coast, the DotP series has been bringing the beautifully-designed collectible card game Magic: The Gathering to Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3… Read More »

Regarding the LDS Church’s Statement on “Race and the Priesthood”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as the LDS Church or Mormon Church, recently issued a statement entitled “Race and the Priesthood” that discusses and disavows the Church’s previous policy banning black people of African descent (yes, it really was that specific) from holding the priesthood and participating in certain… Read More »

MazeCrawler: Enter the Labyrinth

I’m pleased to announce that MazeCrawler—a 3D, first-person, maze-navigation game for the Pebble smartwatch (SDK 2.0)—is now complete and available as a free download. Check out the official MazeCrawler page or for additional information and to download the game. Happy maze-crawling!

Pebble Programming

I’ve been following the news about smartwatches and other forms of wearable technology for some time now and find it very encouraging. Several impressive smartwatches are now available, including one that impressed me enough to buy it: the Pebble, which connects to iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth. I find it to be a fun, helpful, and… Read More »

Enter the Drake

I’ve finally decided to enter the blogosphere, so here is my glorious first post! My blog will focus on the following topics: Game design and development, especially my own indie game projects, along with other areas of computer science and computer art. Philosophical reflection on mind, mental content, information, language, consciousness, personal identity, the nature of human existence and… Read More »